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The University follows a continuous academic evaluation procedure.

Academic evaluation procedure and corresponding weights are as follows:-

1)For theory courses: – The maximum marks for internal evaluation and end semester examination for theory courses are fixed as 40 and 60 respectively.

 Scheme of evaluation is as follows.

  1. Two internal tests each of 15 marks and of one hour duration. (Internally by the College)
  2. Tutorials/Assignments/Mini Projects carrying 10 marks. (Internally by the College)
  3. End Semester examination carrying 60 marks. (Conducted by the University)

All the above evaluations are mandatory requirements to earn credits.

2) For Laboratory /Practical courses

  1. Practical records /Outputs 60 marks (Internally by the College)
  2. Regular class Viva 10 marks (Internally by the College)
  3. Final practical exam 30 marks (Internally by the College)

All the above assessments are mandatory to earn credits. If not, the student has to complete the course/assessments during his free time in consultation with the faculty members. On completion of these, grades will be assigned.

In case the Practical /Laboratory courses are not completed in the semester, grade I (incomplete) will be awarded against the course and the final grade will be given only after the completion of the course/assessments.

Duration: 2 Years, 3 Years
Fees: *
Seats: -


Mr. Ajayakumar K. K.
Ms. Resmi S R
Assistant Professor
Ms. Remmya C. B.
Assistant Professor
Ms. Sharafunnissa O.
Assistant Professor MCA
Ms. Sabna T. S.
Assistant Professor MCA
Mrs. Jittumol George
Assistant Professor